A Tag I Like (Sorry, Property Owner)

I Heart Street Art today looks at a big PE on somebody’s garage door.

17 thoughts on “A Tag I Like (Sorry, Property Owner)”

  1. What’s your address (or where do you park your car or bike)? I’ll leave some special art just for you!

  2. These were my late father’s initials, and this is how he wrote them. Well, maybe taller and more loopy on the ‘R’, perhaps more elegant overall. He wrote them on everything, actually – papers, anyway – indicating that he’d read and approved stuff, and we teased him about it. He really liked making the shapes. Very weird for me to see it on this garage! ;)

  3. Cut tagger’s hands off – tagging is an assault on all that is pure.
    I actually heard an aged bleach blonde arthipster repeat the “cut their hands off” mantra in Clarion alley 2 nights ago because there were some tags on a mural that is way past expired and will be replaced before the block party anyway. Based on their Taliban penalty scheme what would they do to a real serious criminal, say a child abuser, for example. I shudder to think.

  4. I want to catch one of these guys in the act one day, grab their spray paint, spray it all over their face and see how they like it. It is so fucking frustrating to walk out of your house in the morning and see this kind of shit all over your building, much less having to clean it off.

    Also, you are an asshole for even promoting this kind of vandalism.

  5. so double down lame.

    are you going to buy and paint over the garage. make it a performance piece or installation you stupid fuck.

  6. btw, I’m not a property owner, and graffiti shit like this is a scourge and encourages shit and crime, stupid fuck.

  7. Kids are going to do graffiti. The fact that this PE sucks doesn’t make that untrue. If you don’t like that then make more art walls so you don’t have to cut off half the youth artist movement’s appendages. You stupid fuck.

  8. It’s not a hard truth or eventuality that “Kids are going to do graffiti”. There are plenty of places throughout the country and world where this isn’t a problem. Places where youth are engaged, educated, and involved in all kinds of artistic outlets that don’t involve the desecration of property.

    It’s unfortunate that so many Mission residents (and “natives” apparently) are so stuck in their bubble that they aren’t even aware of what’s possible.

  9. This is just the human version of pissing on a wall to say you’re there. It has nothing to do with art. Yet another ‘art wall’ isn’t going to stop shit.

  10. Graffiti has been in our DNA since the cave people – how you gonna dis-ENGAGE and ARTWALL that away? Deal with it…it’s just going to get alot ALOT BIGGER soon. In fact it’s exploding. And why is property, especially in a city, so sacred that a little paint is ‘DESECRATION’? I thought that had to do with mutilating a corpse…is it on the same level?

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