Toad and Salmons’ Chili Bowl Cook Off

Chilibowl_09Saturday August 29th: Skateboards, Chili, and people hating hipster girlfolk.  Oh yes.

It is a skateboard bowl contest and chili cook-off at potrero del sol park.  25th and potrero.

skateboard and chili registration opens at 9 am.  skate contest starts at noon.  chili judges start tasting chili at 2pm.  finals of the skate contest at 330pm and awards at 430 pm.

Be there, be there, be there.

Thanks Antonius!

Author: Kevin Montgomery

No one should have a biography at age 24.

18 thoughts on “Toad and Salmons’ Chili Bowl Cook Off”

  1. 37 isn’t old enough to have seen much go down…that’s ‘Read About’ it young. Nothing sad about it except the Internet was there most of their life.

  2. If you’re skeezed out by 37 year old skaters than this is your contest! Antihero’s AM Robbie Russo took 2nd last year but I’m predicting he’ll nab 1st next Saturday. He’s fresh faced and has a sick f/s ts.

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