PBR Cycling Cap


PBR Cycling Cap: you can be trendy for only $12.08 at Box Dog Bikes.

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10 Comments on “PBR Cycling Cap”

  1. court Says:

    how many of these do you think we’ll be seeing at benders?

  2. plumpy Says:

    What, PBR? PBR is so over and done with. Tecate is the new PBR, hasn’t anyone else noticed this?

  3. copy editor Says:

    someone send this to Look at This Fucking Hipster now, please. kthx.

  4. Corinna Says:

    I really hope you bought yourself one.

  5. one Says:

    PBR would be a nice change of pace though. I’ve lost count of all the Walgreens pork-pie hats on the youth of today. Assembled by slave labor in China. Oh, the irony!

  6. […] how stoked we all were for the Pabst cycling caps last […]

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