He Scraped His Face and Bled on the Cement


Our buddy Kati J. had a fun night:

I woke up to the sounds of a guy yelling / moaning, and after a brief scuffle, he started screaming for help.

I thought, Oh god someone’s getting killed outside my apt., but when I looked out the window some cops had detained the man. As he wiggled around he scraped his face and bled on the cement. Then he got hauled off in an ambulance. Not sure why he got arrested, there were two plain clothes cops, so maybe it was a drug bust?

When I woke up the blood and latex gloves were still on the ground..



5 thoughts on “He Scraped His Face and Bled on the Cement”

  1. The least the cops could do is pick up after themselves. You know things are bad when public employees are trashing the neighborhood. @ssh0les…

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