Why Isn’t There a Mission Farmer’s Market?

Our buddy Rachel posed an interesting question just now:

Any theories as to why the mission lacks a walkable farmer’s market? Want. (Not that I don’t adore Alemany. I do.)

I guess theory #1 would be that the people haven’t demanded it. Anyone up for making some demands?

I have to say, that diagonal stretch of Treat where they held Rock Make yesterday was a fun place to browse ironic t-shirt stalls. Might be a fun place to browse organic produce stalls too.


27 thoughts on “Why Isn’t There a Mission Farmer’s Market?”

  1. Well there are lots and lots of corner markets selling fresh produce. More importantly, why isn’t there a Mission movie theater?

      1. I suspect they meant a decent theater.

        The Red Vic may be overpriced (really, $7-9 to watch movies that just came out on DVD or have been out on home video for decades?), but they do a great job with their programming. Still, I could usually watch most of it at home for less and with better or equal quality picture and sound.

        The Castro is smart enough to do double features to maximize value, occasional new releases, films unavailable on video, 70mm releases, and have a great, massive screen unlike most rep theaters. Not to mention the great ambiance.

        The Roxie, aside from being a venue for festivals, doesn’t really have much to offer.

      2. The Roxie is awesome. Whoever they have programming docos in the Little Roxie is a genius. We saw “American Casino”, “Lost in the Fog” and “The English Surgeon” there, one week after another. Amazing.

  2. Great idea! I really wish that sf.gov would reclaim some unused railroad tracks in the Mission for that purpose.

  3. There are lots of fresh produce places in the Mission and some of them are pretty good (I like the one on 24th and Valencia); but they generally don’t carry the interesting variety of the stuff the farmer’s markets have and it is rarely organic or local (which I don’t always care about, but sometimes that is the best quality stuff.)

    The City is talking about doing some sort of market on Bartlett between 21st and 22nd. That might work well.

  4. DUDE, I can see that stretch of Treat St. from my livingroom window, and a farmer’s market there would be the BEST THING EVER EVER EVER. I would so demand a farmer’s market anywhere in the mission, though, and would probably even be up for some volunteer organizing to Make It Happen – but to whom would we make these demands?

  5. It was tried and devolved into the worst drum circle from hell ever. There just wasn’t a market for it, no pun intended.

  6. Actually what might fly would be at Franklin Square park. They just opened a great new play are for kids, and its well served by mass transit. Has anyone been to the thingy behind kink.com? Is it a Farmer’s Market?

  7. There are a handful of Bay Area groups that produce most of the farmer markets. We need to invite them to come on out and look. The city will help with the space. Pavement works best for the farmers trucks. They like to keep them close.

  8. You might as well ask why there isn’t one in the Haight either. Farmer’s Markets need to have the proper space to set up and be large enough to attract crowds. You’ll notice that the tiny little markets you see in various neighborhoods are rarely worth going to because there isn’t enough space. That’s why the Alemany site was built in the first place (ok, ok, wartime rationing).

    What we need more is good transit to get to and from the Alemany market. It benefits everyone to have a large, thriving central market that all of the growers sell at than a million smaller markets where you can pass off substandard goods due to lack of competition.

  9. You need space. Check out the Alemany Farmer’s Market for a good example. And parking. You really do need parking.

  10. There is a parking lot off Franklin Sq. for the market, and decent parking around it. But size is an issue.

  11. Also, the farmers need to charge non-gourmet bullshit prices for the food they get to sell direct without going through a middleman. If I see any more $5 heirloom tomatoes someone gets a local, seasonal hoe through their skull.

  12. Not to reveal a secret good thing, but there is a free farmer’s market on Sundays (1-3pm) at the community garden in the playground on 23rd between Treat and Folsom. There is day-old bread (mostly Acme) and veggies from other farmer’s markets and community gardens that cannot be sold anymore…so they give it all away. It is pretty awesome.

  13. @stiiv You do not need a football field sized parking lot for a farmers market. Check out the Castro Farmers Market Wednesday evenings for a great example of a small, vibrant community.

    @mike @SFDoggy I have a strong preference for knowing where my veggies come from, and buying them direct from the producer. I do love the many markets in the mission, but there is nowhere i can buy without a middleman.

    @sarah not all farmers charge high prices at markets. Ferry Plaza is surely on the bling side, but there are lots of amazing deals at Alemany and Civic Center.

    Righto. I shall begin the rallying of the Mission neighborhood groups and the asking questions of the oldtimers. Gillian and Alfredo, here I come. (not that you’re old. Just that you always know the score and the history.)

  14. I agree that the last block of Treat there would be a good place for a farmers market. There are plans to remove asphalt there to make the intersection safer and greener (http://pedestrianist.blogspot.com/2009/08/laying-better-plans.html). Adding a farmers market or similar activity could be just what it takes to shoo the hookers away

    But Belgand is right, making better use of Alemany by ending its isolation would be a good thing for so many reasons!

  15. Because we in the mission know that we can get the same farmer’s market produce, for free, every sunday. Where? I’m not telling.

  16. @canary Farmers markets are, in part, important to me because I’m directly supporting our small local farmers with cash money. Growing all the food our neighborhood needs is not free. Secret access to free food doesn’t address the issues I’m interested in: local economies, real food, sustainable farming, convenient public access to real food. Glad you that you have access to good food. Now I want access for everyone. are you with me or are you with me?

  17. @mission mistaken I live near Mission and 21st. Though if I’m the only patron, I doubt a farmers market in the Mission will be a success. ;)

    Where do you think would be a good location? I’d love something walkable between Cesar Chavez and, say, 14th and Guerrero and Potrero.

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