13 thoughts on “Rosamunde Sausage Grill Comes to the Mission!”

  1. This is the best news of the week! Hopefully this means that Toronado will be a bit easier to fit into. Now if only we could build a Rosamunde in the Marina – to fend off the other demographic that turns my lovely neighborhood drinking establishment into a zoo every evening.

    1. Yes Mike, German women in aprons, crusty metal guys and beer bellied, middle aged men are hipsters. Booooooring.

  2. This is great news. This combined with the recent opening of Schmidt’s will make the Mission the Sausage Capital of San Francisco.

  3. You guys sound like a bunch of tight asses. Jason’s causing a whole lot less damage to the park busting some bmx tricks than the plethora of people (of all ages) who leave an abundance of cigarette butts, dog feces, and beer cans in every nook and cranny of Delores, or have any of you even visited the “city park” lately?

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