25 thoughts on “Banh Mi Cart Coming Soon”

  1. Of course we will be a couple pennies over Saigon Sandwich! My ass is poor!

    And in the grand tradition of Media Payola, we are pub crawling tomorrow around the Mission so I get some MissionMission love from Allan.

    Looking forward to it.

  2. Corinna, its the newest thing Jews are doing since Chinese Food on Xmas!

    And dont worry, the shit will be AWFUL. Much better for you to head to Medjool’s roofdeck for some hummus and pita.

    I hear Quentin Tarrentino ate there!

    1. I see several problems here. You hate roof decks on sunny days, Quentin Tarantino (including the proper spelling of his name) AND Mediterranean food/people (racist).

      Nevertheless your shit-talking makes me wanna eat your god damn Vietnamese sando. And that was *not* a euphemism.

      1. I’m apprehensive about this Mediterranean-hating slave labor. But I suppose if you’re trading hugs, I might slice some bunz. Hug it out indeed!

  3. God love ’em, because I love their food, but the guys at Pal’s Takeaway have proven the business model of slapping a five-dollar-extra-because-a-white-guy-made-it surcharge on banh mi can be successful.

  4. Come on yupsters…

    It’s bad enough you gentrify neighborhoods… do you have to belittle and gentrify foods by selling them from your hipper-than-thou automobile?!?

    1. As a 10 yr resident with one of the cheapest vehicles on my Mission street, I say YES! I have single-handedly ruined everything good in the neighborhood! I’m glad that has not gone unnoticed!

      Honestly though, we think this whole food cart thing is just as goofy as you probably do. It’s part of the joke.

      But now its not funny because I had to spell it out for you, dear jacobe.

      Another thing to add to the list of things I’ve ruined in the Mission. I’ve ruined so much, I should start a tumblr called FUCKYEAHIRUINEDEVERYTHINGGOODINTHEMISSON.

      1. I don’t even live in the Mission… so keep on ruining…

        Just saying… there has been a proliferation of Cushman-esque vehicles… and this proliferation of street food carts targeted towards the yupster class… well…

        Street food is not supposed to be a witty commentary on society. It’s a means of survival for many a person… it’s in many ways a stamp of a culture.

        I prefer street food over sit down, for the cheap and delicious factors. But the expensive nature of the “non-straunt’s” really bewilders.

        That said, I do love me a good Bahn Mi, so I look forward to trying your cushman-carried wares.

        That is, if I ever find you. I’m not a tweeter…

    1. Ba Le REPRESENT! My friend owns one up in College Park, remains to this day the best banh mi I evuh had.

  5. This is all I need to keep my Bahn Mi addiction going strong. Dammit! Btw, the one I had from Bi rite on Saturday was super weird, too much “trying to be fancy”. Leave well enough alone please!

    1. I wish I was funemployed!!

      Honestly though, I’m just bored and thought it would be a fun way to pick up women. And I’m not going to burning man, so I need to do something with myself next week!

      EMPLOYMENT PLUG: I own House Of Shields. Please come down for a drink so I can stop selling sandwiches out of my car.

  6. Damnit Schlomo, you’re priming the pumps before you’ve even marinated the carrots. But I like your antagonize the consumer marketing methods. it makes it easier for bahn mi nazi cult status. adds to that cool mission ironic thing as a member of the chosen people.

    and I heard you were already up at Burning Man, someone saw you a couple of days ago there and swore it.

  7. I like how you can set up a twitter account and suddenly, you’re “launched.” Also what Jacobe said.

    Up here in Portland, this would barely be a blip on the radar of food cart culture, which has been rockin’ here longer than most of the SF transplants have been living here (myself included).

    Oh SF… I cry for your incessant need for something new and kitschy to capture your attention for 3 seconds because you’ve run all of the genuine and interesting art out of town.

    All that said, I wish Schlomo best of luck in his endeavor to use this as a front to get laid. If he can give just one woman his sweet, sweet lovin’ then I call it a success.

    1. wow.

      i wouldn’t even know what portland blog to start reading. probably cause i dont give a crap and can’t abide sanctimonious drivel.

      do all your sandwiches up there come with chips on the shoulder?

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