Oakland Invading Dolores Park Bike Polo

Tonight at 7pm is another edition of bike polo in Dolores Park with Oakland facing off with SF.  While this isn’t necessary news, I’m loving the bile/shit-talking coming out of the Oaktown Society of Recreation’s email list:

For those unfamiliar with public transit systems, the “BART” snake-carriage machine will drop you off at 16th and mission, and when you exit the underground passenger depository station tell a friendly san francisco-an “yo… im from Oaklan how da fuck i get to DOUGH-LORE-EHS park?” while making menacing body movements that invade their personal space. and dont worry – they’ll be more afraid of you than you are of them, the same way the sf whackers fear us on the courts of polo, ‘cuz we insane.



Bike Polo

Author: Kevin Montgomery

No one should have a biography at age 24.

One thought on “Oakland Invading Dolores Park Bike Polo”

  1. FYI: This is the new standard policy in Bay Area polo. Oakland hosts SF first Thursday of the month, SF hosts Oak last Thursday.

    If you are excited and want to play polo for the first time, please come on MONDAYS– that’s the day where we have extra bikes & mallets…

    Oh, and we like our spot- so if you come on any night, please don’t be a jerk to other park-goers and clean up after yourself.

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