Inside the Banh Mi Cart Test Kitchen

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Schlomo today posted a quick video depicting the Banh Mi Cart staff hard at work perfecting their sandwich recipes. Their secret? They went to Saigon Sandwich and got some of the real thing to study. Link.


Inside Schlomo’s Cushman

Banh Mi Cart Coming Soon

5 thoughts on “Inside the Banh Mi Cart Test Kitchen”

  1. Tip for Schlomo: You know the whole thing that great sourdough is made from a yeast that is reconstituted over and over and never replaced? Boudin says their’s is from the 19th century.

    Anyhooo… I have a theory that all sorts of cooking practices at our best vietnamese restaurants hold to the same principle. But I dare not mention with respect to what, for fear the Public Health people (here, of course, we don’t really have those — its the Department of the Environment or some such, which explains a lot if you thin about it) would be forced to enforce.

    My point is that the special sauce that makes Saigon Sandwiches taste the way they taste, may take decades of benign neglect to replicate.

  2. I agree, MM. They’re sauce is pretty damn good.

    We havent tried to replicate it. No way my Honky Sauce could beat theirs!

    We are getting our bread from Lee’s though, which makes one of the best banh mi rolls in town.

    The rest is bought locally in the Mission. We are spending our money on the little Mexican foodshops, where our neighborhood thrives. Selling sandwiches and putting the money right back into the block.

  3. If the special sauce you’re thinking of is the same special sauce I’m thinking of. It’s mostly fish sauce which is readily available in any store out there. It smells straight awful and this wiki should explain why

    I imagine that Saigon might have the lock down on some particularly rare or proprietary fish sauce.

    Don’t be discouraged Banh Mi Cart peeps, you can do it!

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