The Chili Bowl Was More Awesome Than I Ever Could Have Imagined

Jon Bauer photographing the Chili BowlPhoto by Jon Bauer

The Chili Bowl was an incredible way to squander away a Saturday afternoon: water balloons full of beer, a blood geyser coming out of a guy’s head, filthy jokes from the announcers, a punk band playing awesome songs like “you are dead, motherfucker” and “crack on Mission St.” within a few dozen yards of a playground full of children, and, of course, skateboarding.  This is definitely my kind of place.

If anyone doubted Allan’s recommendation of the park, you need to check Potrero del Sol out.  It is like Dolores Park, only it’s not full of trash, dead grass, cops, it doesn’t smell like urine, and there is actually interesting shit going on.  It even has its own miniature hipster hill, affectionately known as “lurker hill” by the announcers, where one can flaunt their keen sense of retro bicycle-parts aesthetic and complete apathy towards skateboarding while unfettering, drinking  and carousing.

lurker hill at Potrero del Sol

Anyways, I shot some SICK phone-video of the competition.  Sadly, my camera does not have a fisheye lens and I still know nothing about making skateboarding videos.  Bon appetit.

(link – YouTube)

Author: Kevin Montgomery

No one should have a biography at age 24.

13 thoughts on “The Chili Bowl Was More Awesome Than I Ever Could Have Imagined”

  1. I’ve lived across the street from this park for 19 years now, long enough to remember when it was chiefly frequented by addicts and bangers. Since the skate park’s construction it’s been nice to see it getting enjoyed by more families and kids; that said, I hope it doesn’t turn into Dolores Park 2. It pisses me off to see people dumping their garbage on the grass, particularly when there are garbage receptacles throughout the park. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy drinking al fresco as much as anyone, but I always pack out what I pack in and I don’t litter. I’ve seen Dolores Park after the mobs clear out, and I would hate to see that kind of trashing happen in the little park I’ve enjoyed for almost two decades.

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