Dog Eared Books is Bedbug Free!

The fine folks at Dog Eared Books have spoken up!  Here’s what they have to say in response to all the bedbug shenanigans:

The message over here has been received and as a public service we have now disposed of our big old red couch and cushioned chair. New furniture will be arriving soon. We will miss you old furniture but alas this day had to come. If you could spread this word that people need not fear that too would be rad.

You heard ’em, Annie G!  Go on and finish Twilight in a brand new La-Z-Boy!

Missed Out on Folsom Street Fair? Go Crash the American Apparel Modeling Additions (Heroin Addiction Not Required)


How would you like to slap on that disturbing number and go show American Apparel your money makers?  If you are down with a little last-minute organizing, is looking for people to go with her to the AA auditions, mob style. Email her if you want to be judged by some pervy men.

Screen shot 2009-09-30 at 4.22.37 PM

When You Walk Around East Mission, You Actually See Interesting Stuff

Most of us can probably agree: traversing the vast wilds of the Mission is best done on a bike.  However, this past weekend, I had a number of friends from the east coast in town so I was forced to schlep around on my own two feet.  Much to my surprise, it turns out the the sidewalks of East Mission are pretty happening.  Check it:

Two-dimensional pigeons: now in blue.

pussy hugs

I'm sure this is just some France Gall lyric, but I'd rather just assume it is some pretentious hipster bullshit.
I'm sure this is just some France Gall lyric, but I would rather just assume it is some pretentious hipster bullshit.
Thats some e.e. cummings shit right there.  So deep...
Thats some e.e. cummings shit right there.

Pi Bar Menu Lacks Pi Puns

Here’s what a piece o’ π at Pi Bar looks like:

Yum.  Both Burrito Justice (image cred for the above!)  and Grub Street have good posts about the new pizza joint at 25th and Valencia.  Check ’em out.

I took a look at the menu in anticipation, and was, quite frankly,  a bit disappointed with the lack of π references.  In fact, the only punny π mentions on an otherwise straightforward menu were the $3.14 slices and the “2 * Pi * “R”egular Special,” which translates to a slice and a beer.  That last one doesn’t quite make sense.  2πR = circumference, dudes.

I understand I’m being obnoxious (seriously, stop reading now), but I’d like to come up with some suggestions for Pi Bar to pony up on the π puns.  Here’s what I’ve got so far, let me know if you think of more:

  • The Archimeaties – the all-meat pi!
  • The Pi Are Square – the pi whose area is square!
  • The Greek Constant – the Greek pi!
  • The Infinite Sequence – create your own pi!
  • Square Root Special – slices for $1.77!

Or whatever, they could keep their menu classy.  No biggie.

Looking forward to trying it out!

The Brunch Crowd

The Brunch Club
I walk around the neighborhood on late Saturday and Sunday mornings and I look at all these people crowded together outside the brunch spots. I see a bunch of able-bodied folks with at least one common interest, and I can’t help thinking about how to somehow put them to use.

Here we have a crowd of people who are not going anywhere anytime soon, standing, waiting, listless. Hungover and tired, probably, but nevertheless, there must be a way to get something going here. I really have no idea what. Sure, you could try to sell them some stuff, and they’d probably buy some of it. But that’s thinking small.

What else could we do with them? Get them to carry some heavy crap? Poll them to find out if you’re hot or not? Give them a group project to complete before brunch becomes lunch?

I just really think there’s an untapped potential here.