23 thoughts on “Anything South of Cesar Chavez is Southern California”

  1. Please. Enough with these contrived neighborhood names that make it seem hip like SoHo. SoCha? Yeah, I get it, and it sounds stupid and entirely wannabe (Mom, look at me! I’m cool now! Neato!)

    It’s fucking Outer Mission. SoMa? South of Market. NoPa? No way.

    New York’s great, but we’re not New York. Don’t want to be either.

      1. Okay, I’ll concede SoMa, but it grates on me. That neighborhood was the first to do it in the early dot com days, then all these other neighborhoods felt a need to rebrand themselves. Really, it’s driven by real estate development concerns and I don’t think you’d want to drink their Kool-Aid, do you? It’s sooooo contrived. I still prefer to say South of Market like my grammy.

  2. Can’t you guys pool your coins together and buy a real camera?


    And I live there, but won’t be calling it SoCha.

  3. La Lengua? Love it. That’s a great name for a neighborhood sub section. Better yet, it says “No, we’re not trying to be like NYC because this is San Franfuckingcisco and we don’t need to try to do anything, asshole” (in Spanish, of course).

  4. This is funny. I’m all for creativity in naming places, and it’s interesting to watch the organic growth of this. I’m pretty happy with how this area has always been called (the Mission or Bernal Heights) but I think La Lengua is just awesome.


    @Lou: Please note the Outer Mission is a neighborhood sandwiched among Crocker-Amazon, Oceanview and Mission Terrace. Not familiar? It’s okay if you’re new in town and don’t know the difference or that there’s more to the Mission than 16th and Valencia (and maybe it’s best to leave such Outer Mission gems as Pacific Super and Cayuga Park to those in the know) but make sure not to steal names from neighborhoods who are already using them.

    But what do I know; I was born in the southern part of Noe Valley and now live in Glen Park… :-)

    1. @ FRISCOLEX… I love it Pacific Super! Former QFI. That vietnamese coffee will put you on your ass. And Cayuga park.. the wood carvings by that amazing filipino craftman/park gardener and a former southern and smaller version of friscos 80’s graffitti mecca- psycho city

  5. indeed everything south of Army Street is southern California, or jeez sanazay. This whole lingua shit is silly. There are concentric rings emanating from 24th street, each ring is a step further from normalcy, truth, and beauty. While Bernal is bad, it’s not as bad as Oakland, or Salt Lake, or Birmingham, or motherfarking DC. If johnny0 would just step back across Army Street and embrace what is god given, forsaking that which is impure, we could all read a bit easier

  6. I love the effort, but, why not call it South Mission? Then it can be referred to as: The S&M district. Not bad and I think it would draw a little attention?

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