Herbivore Pulls a Fast One On Us

What’s my favorite thing about Herbivore (Valencia at 21st)?  Everything!

Besides that, I’m pretty into this:

herbivore soups

Did you catch that li’l trompe l’oeil (heh!  sorry.) on their menu?

Both the Sweet & Sour and Coconut Noodle soups have the exact same ingredients listed, with a few items in a different order and distracting line breaks.   Those sneaky herbivores!

Fortunately,  the soups are different, and delicious.  The Sweet & Sour tastes like hot Skittle soup, in the best way possible.

But to end on a sour note (hyuck hyuck!), if you got your hands on that coupon from Chase Bank a few weeks ago, the thing unfortunately expired last Sunday.  I found that one out the hard way.

Author: Kat Malinowska

My enthusiasm makes up for my misses.

17 thoughts on “Herbivore Pulls a Fast One On Us”

    1. Veggie Burrito from local taqueria > Udupi Palace > Cha-Ya > Sawdust > Herbivore > Rusted Nails > Cafe Gratitude

      I’d say that’s about it. . .

    1. Vegetarian Spam, now *that* would be interesting.

      Maybe Mission Street Food could come up with something given the epic work they’ve done on their vegan burger.

  1. goddamn, if i hear one more person say that herbivore is worth the money, i’m going to slap them with a piece of half cooked tofu. grow up and eat a cha ya.

    1. I recently went for the first time because I had a Chase coupon to redeem. I loved the Beef Stroganoff and will probably go get it again some time even if I have to pay for it.

    1. Do you think Chase redeemed your duplicates? No? Hey, way to steal from a local business! That is no different than a dine and dash or grabbing cash out of the register.

  2. Ah Herbivore, the only vegetarian restaurant I know that actually drives patrons back to meat. It’s called FLAVOR guys.

  3. Why does everyone hate on this place so much? I really, really like it & am not a vegetarian/vegan. The 2 soups in this post are some of my faves. I like their “chicken” sandwich too. I think you just have to know what to pick & choose & you’ll be fine.

    Stop being ASSES!

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