Ritmo Latino Moves On


Reader Erich sends this in from 16th and Mission, signaling the very end of the neighborhood’s latino music megastore as it transitions into a T-Mobile megastore.  While I never went into the store, I’ll miss gawking at the Ricky Martin handprints cemented to their entryway.

More on Ritmo Latino’s closing at Mission Loc@l.

Author: Kevin Montgomery

No one should have a biography at age 24.

11 thoughts on “Ritmo Latino Moves On”

  1. I live about a block from there, and always thought it was a party supply-store, based purely on the festive nature of the signage.

    One day I dropped by in search of a pinata—only to be disappointed/enthralled to find an array of latin music and cinema…sad to see it go

  2. The silver lining is that the T Mobile store will be owned by the same man who owns Ritmo latino, so at least it’s not another instance of giant corporations pushing out local shop owners.

  3. It was weak on Salsa, and they couldn’t wrap their brains around the idea that some Latinos don’t look just like them; ¡Que zafra de pendejos!

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