Jonathan Richman Does the Make-Out Room

Everyone’s favorite one-trick pony will be performing live  at the Make-Out Room for four days straight starting this Sunday!richman_012

Hey now! It’s Jonathan Richman!

This manchild will be playing mere blocks from your home September 20th-23rd, so catch him while he’s hot.

Do you care?  Did you ever?  San Franciscans often shit humongous bricks over this guy, I’m curious to hear if this is still the case.

Author: Kat Malinowska

My enthusiasm makes up for my misses.

8 thoughts on “Jonathan Richman Does the Make-Out Room”

  1. Your calling Jonathan Richman a one trick pony = me removing the bookmark for this blog.


    Who annointed you Emperor Norton of culture? By being young? Or because “you can”?

    That sound you hear is your sphincter tightening as I delete said bookmark.

    Enjoy the Mission. Please STAY THERE.

  2. Agreed, Frank. Jonathan is great, and I find it’s often hipsters determined to be jaded about everything that discount his recent work over the Modern Lovers.

    I don’t even like The Modern Lovers that much.

    He’s great in concert, always tries to give a great show, and is one of the NICEST musicians/celebrities I have ever met.

  3. Jonathan Richmond is way cool
    “we saw the lovers, the Modern Lovers, and they looked very good, they looked as if the could.”

    I saw him in 1987 in a back yard in Davis. Just him, his guitar, and his infectious smile. It was so good. Somewhere buried in and packed away among my keepsakes is a picture of that day.

    When the show is over at The Make Room everyone can walk over to the Lex, ah uhm.

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