Guardian Angels Lurk Around 24th and Mission, Criminals Unfazed


I have been seeing this unthreatening clan of French-fashion-loving vigilantes around Mission St. more and more lately.  Funny thing is, the infamous economic activity of the street has continued undeterred since “The Guardian Angels” decided to make the street their new home.

According to Don’t ask me, I just work here, a few members were camped out at the 24th street BART station yesterday while someone was shot and killed a few blocks away.  So, what are they really achieving?  Has anyone ever spotted these guys beating up a crack-dealer or do they just stand their with their arms crossed while glaring through their Oakley’s?


Author: Kevin Montgomery

No one should have a biography at age 24.

21 thoughts on “Guardian Angels Lurk Around 24th and Mission, Criminals Unfazed”

  1. “stand their with their arms crossed while glaring through their Oakleys”

    Funny, that is all the SF cops do too. At least the Guardian Angels do their ineffectual glaring on a volunteer basis. The cops are pulling down $100K+…

  2. Why the hate, guys? They may not achieve anything, but they’re not hurting anybody, either. Admittedly I know very little about the Guardian Angels, but I do know that, as Da Truff notes, they’re volunteers, they don’t carry weapons, and they seem to care about reducing crime in the Mission. Compare that to SFPD, who get paid with our tax dollars and focus their energy on things like ticketing people for jaywalking on Capp. Sure somebody got shot nearby, but maybe a would-be mugger lurking around BART left that little old lady alone yesterday because some weirdo in a beret kept staring at him.

  3. “They may not achieve anything, but they’re not hurting anybody, either.”

    My friend Phil would disagree with that statement. He was jumped by 4 GAs about ten years ago. They told him to stop selling drugs in “their neighborhood”. Not only was he not dealing, Phil’s been straight-edge since his teens. Basically they just beat up a guy for looking punk.

    1. Hot Damn, Doc Pop! Your tricks are mesmerizing. It sucks that your buddy got messed up for resembling someone. I (sometimes) dress like a punk, and I never get messed with, but I have tits and am therefore non threating. I myself am happy to see the GA’s lurking, since I get home from work after 10 or 11 with some frequency. I bought a GA a couple beers the other night and attempted to pick his brain on the recent shootings, but he didn’t seem to know much. In my opinion, they’re a visible civilian watch group that makes predators reconsider, and I’m happy to see them. In my experience, they’re just as effective as regular cops with the added bonus of being free.

  4. I saw these guys walking down, I want to say it was Guerrero, and 18th. Didn’t know who they were, and started to wonder if some foreign naval vessels was in town and these lonely sailors were out looking for a good time on the Mission town. I noticed one of them carrying a long, metal pipe, just the right length for weilding, were weilding called for. The guy holding it tossed it in a trashcan, assertively, and I had to wonder again, who were these strange, beret-clad men. There time might be better served patroling Pine Street during the wee hours when it seems that folks from the TL come up to break into my friends car (not certain they are TL folks, and that may be totally off, but this is the theory I’ve heard from cops on the matter).

  5. These guys do a pretty good job in Chicago. If you’re riding the El late at night through some dodgy neighborhood, it feels kinda good when there’s a big beefy guy standing at the front of the train whose volunteer job is to make sure nobody mugs you.

  6. The GA are a cash cow for degenerate liar and media shyster Curtis Sliwa. Did you know that this degenerate liar and media shyster is getting sued for slander in two different cases? One, “Mob Candy” magazine which he claimed is a mob front, and a Muslim Imam who Sliwa claimed is running guns out of his mosque? The GA always pull the same phony act: strut around, hand out fliers, give the same stale speech, and then disapear down their ratholes. Their franchises open and close faster than a ten dollar whore house raided by the cops. It’s just a Potamkin village to make it look like Sliwa’s stooges are “fighting crime”. It is a cult, like Jim Jones. These pathetic dimwits have low self esteem, and think that by running around in clown outfits people will “respect” them. Sliwa always boasts that he “fought the mob”. Well then, instead of belittling Gotti’s family, why didn’t he go down to Mullberry St. and make his famous “citizen’s arrest”? Because he was afraid of some fat linguini eaters, that’s why! Don’t fall for this media shyster and degenerate liar who made up six false police reports which is a felony. The stooges that follow him are just lame cult followers!

  7. Anyone who says the Angels are useless, I ask you, what’s the use of security guards then? They do the EXACT same sort of thing, stand around. Yet there are now more security guards in America than cops. Why do companies waste all their money on security guards? Gee, duh, maybe they protect their property by standing around? Who cares about dope dealers? Drugs should be legal anyway, but you really think these guys will do nothing if they saw someone getting beaten up or mugged? I dare you to beat up someone on the street in front of them. You think they’re not tough. Punch them in the face then tough guy. I double dare you. I triple dare you. Oh I know, you’re just a coward pencil neck keyboard jockey. Same goes for you Franco weirdo from Queens. Stay in NY.

  8. Hey Frank why don’t you tell people the truth about you and Neo Nazi Hal Turner? Look up Hal Turner and find out how Frank from Queens and him did a show and now Frank does the show and spills out nothing but racist garbage. That is why he hates the Guardian Angels. This he won’t tell you. Go do the research for yourself. Search The Right Perspective. Search now especially since Hal Turners been in the news for threathing judges in Chicago

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