Bear With Me: Folsom Street Fair Slows Down Muni

Folsom Street Fair

Folsom Street Fair this weekend!  Time to get sexy with some beefy dudes.

The fair goes from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and will be affecting the following Muni lines:

6 Parnassus
9 San Bruno
12 Folsom-Pacific
14 Mission
19 Polk
26 Valencia
30 Stockton
47 Van Ness
49 Mission-Van Ness

Basically, don’t take the bus.  Get on your bike, fatty.

[Source: SF Appeal]

Author: Kat Malinowska

My enthusiasm makes up for my misses.

11 thoughts on “Bear With Me: Folsom Street Fair Slows Down Muni”

  1. Ugh. So many try-to-be-witty and end-up-appearing-utterly-clueless aspects to that posting… suffice it to say, smug straight egoists will have a much better time lounging on their laurels at Dolores Park. Snark.

  2. Putting this grotesque circle jerk in a venue like the SF Concourse or the Cow Palace is way overdue. Back in the bad ‘ol pre-AIDS days before condos and Slim’s it was marginally ok to have this event outside, but no more.

    In recent years, freaked out families on their way home, pushing baby strollers and dragging little kids through a bunch of masturbators should be evidence enough. You haven’t lived ’til you’ve seen some nasty naked fugly dude standing in the middle of the street jerking his meat off to the crowd.

    Then there are the simply idiotic middle-class lookiloos who can’t find a babysitter for their precious spawn and ACTUALLY bring them to this event. Of course, being babies “they won’t remember” “they don’t know any better.”

    Like I say, it’s long overdue for the powers that be to get a spine and some common sense and get this event inside. Like it’s done with the exotic neurotic ball.

    Besides, full black leather regalia looks truly stupid and ridiculous in the light of day. The vast majority of these people should do themselves, and us, a favor doing so, as they look far better at night, if at all.

    Have fun! Take pictures! Send ’em home to mom and dad for shits ‘n giggles.

    1. The Children – they were safe – I don’t think any of them got stabbed on the Folsom Fair; it’s not as if it’s a Muni bus.
      I only spotted one infantilist all day. Kid-Friendly.
      I don’t like Chinatown, but I don’t advocate draping a tarp over it.
      You sir, need a nanny. A shoulder to cry on.
      That was a pretty benign event, Sunday. Mostly all rubberneckers in shorts, topless.
      The events in the City need to be left alone more. It’s sad to watch them dwindle.

  3. San Francisco Bike Coalition always has Valet Bike Parking at the event! I volunteered last year and heard several times: “Thanks for taking my bike to park! Oh wait, hold on while I take off all my clothes.” AWESOME. Vive la difference !

  4. I live in a gay-friendly city with a big outdoor event that half a million straight people come to see and share in the spirit – the above is an amazing read – both sides of the argument read a ugly and fugly ….

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