John Waters Does San Francisco

My roommate Rachel is an amazingly stealth iPhone photo-taker.

Here, for example, is an expert shot she snapped of  filmmaker John Waters at a random party on 25th and Fair Oaks Saturday night:

john waters

Anyone else spot him?  Please leave your best John Waters run-in stories in the comments section, especially if you think they’ll weird me out.  Ooh!

Author: Kat Malinowska

My enthusiasm makes up for my misses.

16 thoughts on “John Waters Does San Francisco”

  1. I saw John Waters at Folsom at around 3 or so on Sunday. He was just walking though the crowd, and someone spotted him next to me and asked to take a picture. He told to fan to make it quick, before it caused a scene, and posed for the pic. Best thing I saw at Folsom this year!

  2. it wasn’t a “random party” but an art show opening with some pretty nice work. JW was there because he is friends with De Fazio. Everything there was pretty sweet tho.

    If you feel the need to shit in your undies while standing on the same floorboards as he, visit…



  3. I met him about 15 years ago in New Orleans when I was a cachier at a used bookstore that also sold old postcards. He came in with what looked to me like a nearly underage hustler and browsed our postcards for Baltimore stuff. He was a complete asshole to everyone in the store.

  4. I was waiting for the 19 on Polk between Washington and Jackson when I heard someone asking a man if a shoe repair shop was just down the street. I turned to look and saw that pencil-thin mustache, did a double take, and stared for a second longer than I should have. Dude was just running some errands.

  5. i met him a few years ago after he did his John Waters XXXmas show at the Fillmore. my friend’s husband is friends with him, so we got to sit in the special kinda backstage area. after the show, he came and talked to us for a while i SMOKED with john waters!

  6. I saw him at the Polk St post office this afternoon. He was accosted by a boozy queen who made a big scene calling him the best director of our time, blah blah blah. Then the post office sales person asked him if he really was the director John Waters. Uh, yes. He was mailing postcards and buying rolls and rolls of stamps. Seems very much like the kind of thing you do when you live in town.

  7. I saw John Waters when I boarded the Ca St Cable mid morning today at Ca at Polk to reverse my direction home. I sat one foot away from him as was standing and leaning against the railing on the outside of the car. I stared and wanted to tell him I attended the same art school he did in Boston and perhaps at,the same time he did. However I just froze and watched him cross,Vanness and walk into Whole Foods, nice to have a totally unexpected surprise today.

  8. I saw him on the 33 inbound – getting on at Arguello & California. He got off at Haight and Cole — then walked up to the ticket booth at the red vic to buy a matinee ticket. CLASSIC.

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