This is a Mariachi-Free Establishment. Sorryboutit.


Did you know that Cha Cha Cha was Mariachi-Free?  Bummer.

This has to be violating some sort of discrimination law.

(Thanks Joie!)

Author: Kevin Montgomery

No one should have a biography at age 24.

11 thoughts on “This is a Mariachi-Free Establishment. Sorryboutit.”

  1. I love having people walk into a restaurant and stand in front of my table playing music while I’m eating. I’ve formed a drum circle and we plan to use the same approach. We’re calling it “hit a beat while you eat.”

  2. Would anyone be able to hear the mariachis over the ear-shattering noise level at that place, anyway?

    (…and, god, I feel like an old man…)

  3. Technically, a “mariachi” is an ensemble of an average of eight musicians. However, I take it they are targeting the two-man “conjuntos” that roam the Mission. The ones with a guitar and an accordion.

    And yeah, check out the documentary Sheabones mentions. Part of it is shot in the Mission.

  4. Yeah, we wouldn’t want music to distract us from eating our overpriced and overspiced cheap fare. BTW, if you are gonna ban Mariachis I suggest you ban condensed rice from your restaurant as well.

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