36 thoughts on “Taqueria Cancun Closed?”

  1. devastation ensues. also, how cute: “day’s” and “thank’s”

    if Can-Cun were to close, and miraculously, La Rondalla to open again, I would gladly protest in the streets, in the night, naked if necessary.

    1. Good riddance! Shrimp flautas should not smell of ammonia (unless you’re into rotten seafood). Every time I drive by, I’m happy to see it’s still shuttered.

    1. Sweet, good looking out. Glad that Grubstreet has a phone, which they can use to actually get answers.

      I, for one, would never think to call them. Honestly. I would probably first spend an hour looking for clues on the ground near the front entrance. And then take a picture of it. And then blog about not having any idea about it. And then make a joke.

    2. I would have looked up historical water hook up records from the late 1800s and examined historical topological maps to determine any risk of subsidence.

  2. La Rondalla was awesome. I don’t know why you would ever think to eat there (and if you did may god have/have had mercy on you), but their margaritas were amazing. I still remember being 19 and getting blasted there with my girlfriends mom before she dropped me at the caltrain station.

    I hope Cancun comes back, and I also hope that they are closed to kill some roaches, because they are there, like they are everywhere in this city if you sit still and watch long enough.

  3. Good – that place hasn’t smelled any good since the early 90’s. For real…it’s sad that kids today accept this shit (and El Farolito Mx24) as good mexican comida/burritos. It’s mad dirty and unhealthy, the workers don’t give a rat’s ass (pun intended) what ends up in your food. Fuck the lot of them.

    1. Can I steal your name?

      BTW, I’m pretty sure the broken water pipe story is legit, because there was a pickup truck full of mud out front of the joint Thursday morning.

      Bad news if you were hoping their food handling was about to improve dramatically.

      I see that Mission Mission finally banned Mailinator email addresses.

  4. My hubby and I were in close negotiations to get the La Rondalla space but the owner is so whack that he led us on only to pull out saying he was going to try and re-open it.. 9 months later and he is still posting handmade signs recognizing every holiday possible. Lost cause. But……… now I am opening up another business on 20th street. Opens in 2 weeks.. fun fun fun.. Women’s second hand boutique.. Think “taking it to the next level”

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