Long Exposure of A Living House


audrey awwwdamn snapped this cool shot of the crazy vine house on 17th at Church.

For some reason, the view of the house on Street View reminds me off all the octopus sticker art I see around the hood

Screen shot 2009-10-08 at 11.38.50 AMoctopus_sticker

(Octopus sticker art swiped from MM favorite EPA and Around the Bay)

Author: Kevin Montgomery

No one should have a biography at age 24.

8 thoughts on “Long Exposure of A Living House”

    1. Rats? Probably monkeys, snakes, giant tarantulas, raccoons, the Bay Area Sabertooth Tiger, chupacabras, and sasquatch, too.

      How do they keep the ivy off of their neighbor’s house on the left? Must be a lot of pruning. Or yelling.

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