New Development at 17th and Mission

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Reader Chris sends us this news:

Apparently there are studies in the works for a new building to replace the One $ Store at 17th and Mission with a “six-story-over-basement, mixed-use building consisting of 29 residential units, approximately 2,640 square-feet of ground-floor commercial space, and a one-level below-grade parking garage.”

The doc does not say if it will be condos or rentals.

All the details are here (PDF alert).

Author: Kevin Montgomery

No one should have a biography at age 24.

13 thoughts on “New Development at 17th and Mission”

  1. Wow that’s great news! Finally some more infill housing in the Mission where public transportation is easily accessible.

  2. I got the notice in the mail (our office is 1/2 block away). Interestingly it indicated something about the Alcohol bureau as well. Not sure if this is standard or if the builders will pre-apply for an ABC license in the commercial space. Interesting tactic if so. Also have to say that that store sucks. The 99cent store across the street (towards 18th, near Thrift Town) has way higher quality products. Just in case anyone is worried about losing this store.

  3. This is what was done18th/Mission at Duc Loi. At least they let Duc Loi come back. However, given the monstrosity there, that should be enough to argue against it.

  4. until you get all the way to 25th street, that’s the only corner of Mission where the bus doesn’t stop.

  5. I heard the Duc Loi ran into major cost issues with the below grade garage and Mission Creek. Hopefully they won’t have the same issue.

  6. I would hope that as a condition of building here, the Dollar Store is not allowed to return. Also, is it too much to ask that the building has a modicum of architectural interest? The new Duc Loi building is truly horrendous — vast planes of stucco with cheap windows.

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