Milk Carton Obama


I love it when political graffiti is subject to interpretation.  Is the artist saying that Obama’s follow-through with campaign promises is missing?  His cojones? His body from the neck down?

(photo by KayVee.INC)

Update: Reader mcas tips us off to an original version of the poster than appeared a few years ago:


(Credit unknown)

Author: Kevin Montgomery

No one should have a biography at age 24.

23 thoughts on “Milk Carton Obama”

  1. These are not graffiti because they’re often placed on top of real graffiti which will lead to a beef when the paster is caught. I’m pretty sure this paster is not down to beef, so they must be ignorant of the rules which means they don’t know the game, which means they aren’t in it to win it. This paster is just trying to be a clever CCAC student on their way to a career in adverts or marketing. Biodegradation has nothing to do with the spirit of graffiti, there is tons of paper graff out there, but only a few of those that do it are up on game.

  2. This is cool.I cant say exactly what the artiste is trying to birng to the for front but i love are and this one is what i call cool!lolz

  3. i think the artist means all 3 things- 1. he is missing his campaign promises. 2. he is missing his cajones. 3. he is missing his body from his neck down.

  4. (Followed Rachel Maddow’s tweetout as well–HI!)

    Is Obama supposed to light firecrackers under the asses of congress? Seriously, *I* would like that but I don’t think that would go over with the easily frightened masses.

  5. Another Maddow-ite. Obama missing? I think the so called senate and congress that said “bi-partisonship” are the ones who are missing. Put THEM on the cartons next time.

  6. Another shoutout from a Rachel Maddow fan. Had to say hello.

    Used to visit S. F. often … fell in love with so many areas … grew up in Santa Cruz. My just married grandmother who did live in S.F. actually went throught the 1906 earthquake. Moma was born 9 months later. Must have been some real hugging going on in that tent!

    Best wishes to all.

  7. Typical people being impatient. U guys that think Obama hasn’t delivered & actually think 8yrs of hell & lies can be fixed in 9 months & I have no political affiliation whatsoever. Its all lies to please the masses, yet you guys makes comments from here & the power to change congress is in all your hands, but you choose not to act so what does one expect from greedy, liars & cheats with power, however, as usual,impatience is a huge weakness of humans. Instead, people make these ridiculous comics on a wall instead of speaking up as thoughtful, well versed adults to congress, that we’ve taken enough from the politicians. Wake up already. If the masses speak up in the millions & say we the people will remove you from congress if they dont change for the people, we sit back & take it. Incredible!!

  8. Hope these sad maddow B&T bitches go home. Guess what? We don’t care about you, we want to stand on the urine-soaked sidewalk in front of this piece and expound on the evolution on street art.

  9. Someone’s trying to get a “pint” across LOL… that being that “Osama was physically missing…yes…” but Obama…is mentally missing!” He aint’ no hardliner, he’s a Washington player like all the rest but the twist is still there a little bit at least. He’s no maverick. He’s been sucked into the game. He is not the same Activist type of “rolled up shirt-sleeves, gonna ‘do the right thing no matter-what – non afflicted-“washington guy like before. He’s softened. He’s like plastic once it’s been treated with phthalates. The first incarnation of Barack Obama still lives but he’s got a helmet on now and he’s got munitions to protect himself, and he’s staying far away from that limb. The after swearing in picture of Barry Obama is more high-brow and detatched from the feet on the ground activists he rallied and made promises to. As for health care I think he should’ve rode the bull and gone for Single Payer. It’s up to Halloween Ralph Nader to gripe about THAT one now! (He’s right, but boy does his image NOT HELP HIM!!!) Obama’s got to cowboy up as those self-important Texans say. Obama’s standing just outside the arena watching the real riding but making sense of none of it. When he didn’t stand behind the reverend, I was bummed, when he didn’t stand behind his Green secretary I was even more bummed! Dude! Where’s your fire?! It’s like the old “what’s my line..” show from the 60’s…”WILL THE REAL OBAMA PLEASE STAND UP?”

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