This Just In: Today Sucks!



Fallen tree near 17th and Guerrero.

Thanks to Afonso for the pic.

Author: Kat Malinowska

My enthusiasm makes up for my misses.

5 thoughts on “This Just In: Today Sucks!”

    1. Yeah I mean how dare people worry about not common for san francisco typhoon remnant downpours flooding their houses and fucking up their day. The nerve.

  1. I saw a small branch down on 18th and Dolores on the park side earlier today as well. I’m scared to walk under trees today. The tree in front of our place on Dolores lost 2 huge branches within months of each other this year, both times taking out cars. Luckily no one was hurt. The tree eventually got taken down only because It was fucking with the sewer pipes, not because it kept fucking up peoples cars.

  2. The tree on Guerrero @ 17th that fell down — they were fixing the sidewalk around the tree so there was no concrete around the tree roots when the tree tipped over. Also, often when they have to fix the sidewalks, they cut the tree roots back, which weakens the tree. I suspect the combination of high wind, cut roots and no concrete to hold it down felled this massive wood. Timber!

    1. Yes to above comment about tree on Guerrero. It fell down not because of the storm, but because roots were cut when sidewalk was replaced. I know another identical situation on 20th near Valencia a couple of years back, where tree roots were cut when sidewalk was replaced, and the tree fell across the street, just like this one. Can’t they take more care when repairing sidewalks? What’s more dangerous – a cracked sidewalk or a tree falling on someone (or a car)? I think the people who are sent out to replace sidewalks don’t know what they’re doing. They should have a city tree expert supervise when there is a tree involved. Not only is it dangerous, but it is really a shame that full-grown trees topple, when the city is encouraging people to plant trees (and pay for them); they add to the beauty of the environment, and are also environmentally friendly in a city full of car fumes.

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