El Tonayense Parking Trouble

El Tonayense Trouble
Every day this taco truck parks here. That’s just what happens. This day was different. There was another car there. This car had less tires than required. (corny sighing sound) Life in the city.

Shotwell at 16th. The shot is crappy because I was running for the 22.

6 thoughts on “El Tonayense Parking Trouble”

  1. They’re smarter than that, man. That gold sedan is owned by the tonayense folks. take a look, nearby liver, it’s parked there every night. they hold the spot with it.

    1. There was definitely an issue here that they were dealing with. Possibly you’re right and the issue was the missing tire.

      Usually there’s an old pickup truck with cool lettering on the back parked here.

  2. What really worries me is that the Tonayense truck home base (on Harrison street) is marked for sale. What does that mean for the good taco trucks of the District Nine?

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