Paper Cut Out Street Art


(photo by Schill)

Ben Ward, from the email:

In the past week or so some fantastic new art has been showing up all over town, some in the Mission, some over in Soma. Little paper cut outs, detailed in thick black marker pen, glued to walls and whathaveyou. No name, few titles.

I don’t really know what is going on with these cutouts, but I’ve been seeing them around the Mission as well and they are awesome.  Take this one from Dolores Park:


More from the flickrs:


(Photo by Ross Harmes)


(photo by our tipster, Ben Ward)

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13 Comments on “Paper Cut Out Street Art”

  1. Dicky Says:

    The artist’s name is SCROTE and her/his art is amazing :)

    Sadly they don’t have a website, but rely on people like you to document and post about it!

  2. The art is pretty similar to Don Hertzfeldt’s stuff. You may have seen his animated short ‘Rejected,’ it garnered some viral fame a few years ago. Not sure if its related though.

  3. Dicky Says:

    yeah, because Hertzfeldt invented stick figures and talk bubbles.

    @Nothanks, what is his website?

  4. Nick Says:

    The girl with “sXe” on her stomach is a pretty unfortunately misogynistic hardcore joke that goes: “Girls can’t be straight-edge.”

  5. thetens Says:

    Okay, I’m kind of slow maybe, but I don’t get the first one. Straight-edge girls don’t exist? Girls with no noses and mouths don’t exist?

  6. edge Says:

    I’d take the Unicorn.

  7. […] We wonder what they think of this street art from Dolores and 15 streets (since taken down) spotted by Ben Ward, via MissionMission. […]

  8. […] Nos preguntamos qué piensan sobre la obra artística en las calles Dolores y 15 (desde que las quitaron) visto por Ben Ward, por medio de MissionMission. […]

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