Bakesale for Kittens Tomorrow

These are going to be on sale tomorrow. I struggle to think of anything I would rather eat.

Peep this: there are going to be 60 bakers selling sweet, sweet baked wares to make you fat from 11am-4pm tomorrow (Saturday) in front of Ike’s Place to benefit the Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue.  Best of all, there are going to be real-life kittens OTS to play with and maybe take home.  Kittens, people.

On a side note, the San Francisco Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines is also going to be there collecting money and relief goods to help the victims of Typhoon Ondoy.

Full Disclosure: I’ve been to one of these bakesales before and they’re delicious.  I’ll be eating the shit out of some pie tomorrow.

They made some really cutesy post that I somewhat disapprove of on the ground it made vegans look like virginal middle schoolers, so here is the doctored poster I made them:


Author: Kevin Montgomery

No one should have a biography at age 24.

16 thoughts on “Bakesale for Kittens Tomorrow”

    1. Actually, I’ve tried a fair share of vegan baked goods – they are not awful, but I don’t find them to be especially tasty when compared to their butter/egg/lard-laden inspirations.

      Your welcome!!

  1. Okay, that’s fair. You’ve tried a couple mediocre vegan baked goods and probably tons and tons of “regular” baked goods. Why not give vegan baking another chance? We’re going to have a lot of professional bakers (vegan & non) OTS and it’s worth giving it another go, right? It’s for the kittens!!

    Also, side note, your comment reminds me of those people who are all into a cupcake until they find out it’s vegan. Have you seen, Year of the Dog? You should totes rent. Written & directed by Mike White (Freaks & Geeks guy, and a vegan!). Anyway, it’s brilliant.

  2. I find it comedic that the futures of several obligate carnivores are being supported by a bake sale that eschews all animal products.

  3. why does everyone NEED to give vegan baked goods another chance? that’s bullshit. dude said he’d tried plenty and didn’t like them. why don’t YOU try some baked goods with eggs and butter in them again. they are delicious. give them a chance. ive tried shit tons of vegan cupcakes and each and every one of them tasted like a damn doorstop frosted with cement – even the ones produced by “totally talented” bakers. i like vegan food better when its not trying to trick me that it’s cheesy, fatty or meaty.

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