Mission Farmer Enters HuffPo’s Hot Farmer Contest


Listen up, the Mission district!  We need to rally together for a very special cause!

Local hot farmer David Stockhausen has been entered in The Huffington Post’s Hot Farmer contest!  Dave (no idea if he goes by Dave btw) was at #1 just this morning but has somehow slipped to #2.  We need to bump that shit back up!

Peep Farmer Dave here.  And here’s a li’l blurb about the gent:

David Stockhausen is the founder of Amyitis Gardens, a community-based farming project in San Francisco. The Amyitis mission is to educate and empower the Mission District community through food and farming. Amyitis links neighbors with neighborhood restaurants by cultivating backyard food gardens and exchanging the local produce for discounts on food and drinks. Amyitis provides local residents with the tools to farm their own yards, and restaurants with the most local produce possible- grown as close as a few blocks away.

My buddy Katie from Amyitis tells me produce grown in Mission backyards is then sold to places like The Corner and Weird Fish.  Yum.

The Mission positively framed in the national news, people!  Get on board already!  All you have to do is click a 10 on HuffPo here and we’re golden.

Good luck, David!

[Photo from Grub Street]

Author: Kat Malinowska

My enthusiasm makes up for my misses.

10 thoughts on “Mission Farmer Enters HuffPo’s Hot Farmer Contest”

  1. this is the whitest of all white things that have been posted here. “a white cityfarmer selling his organic produce locally”….you might as well just replace every word with “white”.

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