Collection of Abandoned Treasures

thefink” nailed it:

Things left outside my apartment building

Current collection of crap — a TV and umbrella — left on the street outside our apartment. Tomorrow the TV will probably be tagged and broken, and by Wednesday they will be gone and replaced by some other collection of abandoned treasures.

(photo and text by thefink)

Bi-Rite is the Wu-Tang Clan of the Mission?

The Chronicle published a piece on Bi-Rite’s business and expansions yesterday, which is probably why no one noticed.  I know the Creamery took over a neighboring space for an expansion, and we can all agree that having to wait a little less for some Brown Sugar is a wonderful thing, but being labeled as a “mini-empire” at Dolores Park makes our neighborhood organics aisle sound a little too much like a strip mall.  That said, the Chronicle does shed some light on some interesting facts on the Bi-Rite shops that I didn’t know, like it makes $4k per square foot (vs. $200-$300 at traditional supermarkets) and they have beehives on the roof.


(photo by le)