SF Weekly: “Mission Mission shows new concern for the plight of the immigrant”



This is just kinda sad: In a major act of retroactive cover-your-ass, Kevin Montgomery — aftergoing all bro-douchey on local coverage of the detention of Amuse Bouche vendor Murat Celebi-Ariner last week (an important story in the, uh, Mission) — of Mission Mission shows new concern for the plight of the immigrant.

Follows a long story from a reader, presumably, about a kid scooped up and thrown into ICE detention. And you wanted us to know this because?

Let me get this straight, SF Weekly: some guy on the internet said something you don’t like so, in response, you launch a personal attack and lambast the general importance of Latino immigrants’ struggles, presumably, because they didn’t jump on some tired “street food” bandwagon?  Really?  Aren’t you supposed to be above that?  You are print journalists.  Homeless people use you for warmth.  I’m some guy behind a monitor who spends too much time at Bender’s.  I’m only used for warmth once every three years, average.

I know Mission Mission does not always tout the Weekly’s party-line and, yeah, we had a different take on this one, but we don’t get why that provoked two posts worth of vitriol from one of the Weekly’s editors.  I don’t think using the situation to promote a general discussion around the Missions’ immigration problems is so absurd.

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Author: Kevin Montgomery

No one should have a biography at age 24.

18 thoughts on “SF Weekly: “Mission Mission shows new concern for the plight of the immigrant””

  1. Who reads the SF Weekly anyway? That they have nothing better to do than shit on you is a sign of the times – all that inside baseball snarking used to be btwn them and SFBG and the Chron. Like anyone gives a shit. Carry on.

  2. Although I find your refusal to eat meat distressing, Kevin, I did find your take on Amuse Bouche guy to be spot-on and the subsequent post to be important and sincere.

  3. you were pwned 2x by Birdsall.

    note that the posts from sf weekly (sf foodie blog) are web-based. i hope the irony did not escape km and crew.

  4. This is what is hilarious. People don’t get the difference between Murat (the lazy French dude who’s being deported because he didn’t legally renew his visa, which he had every option to do) and poor migrant workers who are trying to get asylum/find a better life in the US and have little legal recourse to do so (let alone the means to have white people blogs write about their issues).

    If you do not understand this distinction you need to go grow the other half of your brain.

  5. perhaps it’s because you started posting about immigration issues like two days ago despite this blog being around since feb2007. “missionmission” indeed.

    1. So, the point is – if they never posted about it, it’s better for them to not post about it ever instead of deciding to shed some light on a very real social issue in the Mission? You’re basically upset at them for correcting a mistake.

  6. Okay, pardon the bad pun…

    But i gave up on the SF Weakly last month, when they slandered the gay community by allowing a stringer to allege that the gays have peppersprayed buju banton at his last concert.

    banton of course is the braying jackass who gave the world “Boom ByeBye,” calling for genocide against gay people. The Weekly hired a stringer named Eric K. Arnold to cover it, and he used the space to inject his personal pro-buju, anti-gay politics into the piece.

    Okay, not the biggest story in the world, but all politics in local, and i’m done with SF’s Weak Sister. Too bad the Bay Guardian can’t figure out a content partnership with you and other locals…

  7. The last time I picked up an SF Weekly was to clean up after my dog on the one day last year when I forgot my plastic bags… That’s really all it’s good for.

  8. The longer I’m here, the more respect I have for the Guardian in the war of the freepers – the Weekly is almost becoming Examiner-like, which is to say 90’s era NY-Post like, which basically acts like it leans left but then drags most discussions to the right. I don’t always agree with the Guardian, but I also don’t find them hiding their viewpoints or writing many stories with crash-fade endings. It wouldn’t surprise me if the conglomorate (New Media?) that owns the Weekly, the Village Voice in NY, and a host of others, continues to water itself down and eventually is purchased by a Murdoch-like derivative.

    In any event, I love the plethora of local blogs that have cropped up… this one included.

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