Dolores Park Fire Dance

I’ve been really digging packlercat’sTwilight” photo album this morning.  This fire dance scene was particularly interesting: not only did he snap a bunch of cool shots but I noticed that they only people enjoying this spectacle where people with cameras in front of their eyes.  I know everyone wants to be the Ansel Adams of Dolores Park, but it’s getting to be a rare day I peep a cool scene without a million urban tourists spoiling it with flash photography.  When is “kill your dSLR” going to become the counter-culture cause du jour?  Can I join the party?


Author: Kevin Montgomery

No one should have a biography at age 24.

12 thoughts on “Dolores Park Fire Dance”

  1. Seriously. I used to take my DSLR everywhere, but then it started to feel like all of life was just one big photo op. I make a point not to take pictures that often, so that I am enjoying the moment and not the thought of posting it online. And it drives me crazy when people insist on taking candid photos throughout an entire party. I really don’t need my every drunk moment publicized.

  2. Don’t blame the camera—blame the wannabe photographers that have the money to own a camera that’s more suited for commercial work than documenting ever inane thing they see because their upbringing in suburbia never prepared them for such exotic sights as boring burners trying to relive their awesome acid trip at BRC.

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