Mish Mish For Mission Mission Mascot

Wow!  A week or so ago, I made jokey reference to replacing the frogs in Mission Mission’s header.  In response, reader Pat sends in a suggestion:

Random!!  I read that you guys were wanting a new mascot to replace the 2 frogs in the header.  I keep Cartoon Brew in my RSS reader right below Mission Mission.  Today they posted about Mish Mish:

He’s public domain by now.  In case you want some crudely animated antique egyptian propaganda, that’s as far as I can possibly think of from having anything to do with the Mission.

Mish Mish!  Things get pretty trippy around the 3:30 mark.

Thanks very much for the suggestion, Pat, but I really don’t want to alienate any more of our Egyptian readers.  It’ll have to be a no on Mish Mish for mascot.

Sigh.  I suppose that pair of  simultaneously-farting frogs will have to stay.

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One Comment on “Mish Mish For Mission Mission Mascot”

  1. No, he’s our new mascot.

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