The Mural in Taqueria Vallarta is Batshit Insane

I always hit up Taqueria Vallarta after a show at Blue Six. The $1.50 taco bar is second to none. They fry up all the meats simultaneously in a loosely-partitioned circular grill that I affectionately call “Noah’s Ark”.

It’s a beautiful thing: you order with the man behind the grill, he loads up some tacos, you pay some tired guy wearing a change apron, and you pile on as much cilantro as you can handle. Hey La Taqueria: take note. $3.50 for a taco is ROBBERY.

Anyway, last time somebody told me to check out the mural while I was there. Ok, I thought, probably just another busty Aztec babe fetching a vase of water while a menacing conquistador stares on. Nope, try ill-proportioned 49ers playing football under the Golden Gate Bridge with the dolphins.

Then there’s more: the artist took it upon himself to write a rambling narrative about the parallel-universe origins of San Francisco and how bitchin’ the 49ers are. Did you know that they have the “excitement of the bear”?

Anyone know the story behind this masterpiece? Some borracho repaying his debt to the owner? Another coded message to members of the New World Order? Best explanation gets a taco on me. These are high stakes, folks.

Author: Vic Wong

I own a sword. I like to write. I am a software engineer for I am a gypsy jazz guitarist.

17 thoughts on “The Mural in Taqueria Vallarta is Batshit Insane”

  1. There’s also what looks like cavemen eating a deer on the ceiling. Awesome. In the mural Olympics, El Delfin’s exceedingly graphic murals of the Spanish Conquest of the Americas is always a contender, but Vallarta wins for pure out and out craziness.

  2. Cafe Gratitude’s feature missing limbs, so I find this one much more uplifting. My only wager here is that it will end up being an east coast of Mexico, Veracruz-ian artist who did it — the sea culture there is old, and a whole different kettle of fish than that of the west coast. But that’s just a wager, not a fact.

  3. i dont care if roger craig made that taco. that guy is trippin’ I’ll take some greasy butter and drag it through the garden. I pray to j!

  4. see more murals by the same artist on the walls of el paraiso (25th and treat) as well as his framed paintings inside. he’s an awesome dude! we hit it off when he was painting the outside of our building.

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