Missile Toes

Missile Toe
There’s a love connection waiting for you at 21st and Valencia Streets.

Someone was seriously feeling the season and hung some mistletoe from a line over the corner. You should all go kiss each other.

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14 Comments on “Missile Toes”

  1. Erik Says:

    It’s all over the city.

  2. Daniel Says:

    Above the escalator at 24th st bart too

  3. Allan Says:

    I tried to maneuver Kat under that one yesterday, but we were walking too fast :(

  4. Ariel Dovas Says:

    Well, I tend not to leave the same 7 block area, so I’ll take your word for it. This just means they’re making it easier for you.

    Allan, you need to try a little harder.

  5. Jocelyne Says:

    I saw one at 16th and dolores as well.

  6. wishnack Says:

    i guess someone totally hit the city, it’s over by the ferry building, too.

  7. kiss army Says:

    I kissed my wifey under one…she dug it.

  8. […] in need of a kiss? go hang out at 21st and Valencia […]

  9. melissa Says:

    yep, saw one at 18th and Castro!

  10. Marco Says:


    I can’t help but thinking, it does not look like the Mission…all the new buildings and such, how do we call that…Gentrification right?
    Dovas I love your pics but not this one.

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    Missile Toes | Mission Mission

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