Chicken John Warehouse For Sale

Who wants to party on some real estate?  Laughing Squid says Chicken John is selling his warehouse space at Cesar Chavez/Mission for a cool $899,000.  Deets from the Craigslist post:

This unique property is next to the Valencia Corridor/Mission District with very easy access to transit and freeways. The main portion is a spacious open warehouse/work area with 20 ft. ceilings and eight skylights. There is a large bright room above the front entry plus more offices/storage rooms.

There is a roof deck with hot tub. This property potentially might work for an architect, artist, cabinetmaker, plumber or contractor. Huge open kitchen has a Wolf range and two refrigerators. All appliances are included. Zero lot-line structure.

Fine, I’ll buy it.  You piqued my interest with “roof deck with hot tub” and dialed it in with Listing Agent Jesse Fowler.   Swoon!  Dude’s like a world-weary Billie Joe Armstrong.  Don’t mind if I do!

Jesse Fowler, Broker Associate

Author: Kat Malinowska

My enthusiasm makes up for my misses.

9 thoughts on “Chicken John Warehouse For Sale”

  1. I heard chicken John is selling out (can you do that when you have already sold out?) because the Planning Commission has decided to re-zone the Mission with a “no hypocrisy within 200 yards of a schoolyard” ban, and that means that Chicken John and most of the other Hugo Chavez wannabe’s are out here. Its rumored they are all moving to Fairfield.

  2. I toured this place when it first listed. It’s all kinds of living hell. The “hot tub” on the “roof” is a wooden bucket with no pump that you have to access by climbing up a treacherous metal staircase out of a skylight on a hinge and walking across an ancient sagging roof. Also it “overlooks” palace steak house and CChavez.

  3. Bmorg is seriously considering buying this historical property, in which they plan to entomb every one of the wannabe-cool volunteers that show up at that shit-hole in the desert every year (including harvey and crimson).

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