One Dollar Store To Rule Them All

If there’s one mama bear to all not-really-a-dollar-stores, it’s gotta be Giant Value on 22nd and Mission. I always find myself staring at it while waiting for the 49 bus and I snapped this sweet pic of it’s glorious façade over the weekend.

I honestly don’t understand how these businesses are sustainable. First of all, you got ten more shops on the same two block radius selling the same stuff. Secondly, that’s got to be one of the biggest buildings in the mission and rent can’t be cheap. With prices hovering somewhere near a dollar the profit margins can’t be that high.

It’s got to be a front for something. Maybe they are smuggling carne asada to the east coast.

Oh, and the Yelp reviews about the place are pretty hilarious. Not wolf T-shirt reviews hilarious, but still a good read:

“…here you can find home pregnancy tests that actually work for $1.49!!!  Because sometimes you need more than one test.”

“Granted there’s something a little off about their brands of breakfast cereals (does Tony The Tiger have pinkeye?)”

“…shop there before the hipsters infiltrate and buy all the jesus belt buckles and cans of pabst lite!”

“…it’s fun to buy something completely written in another language and just hope it does what you think it does.”

BTW, still no takers on that mission theater. Can’t one of you dot-com cash-outs buy it and open a theater full of couches that serves the People’s Beer and  plays awesome movies like Back to the Future and Ghostbusters?

Author: Vic Wong

I own a sword. I like to write. I am a software engineer for I am a gypsy jazz guitarist.

19 thoughts on “One Dollar Store To Rule Them All”

    1. Who’s complaining? I like dollar stores. I used to hang out at one all the time in Modesto where I grew up and was bored out of my mind. Once in 1997 I found out they carried 3.5″ floppy disks and I pretty much cleared their stock. Turned out to be a bad investment. Anyone want some to level their tables?

      Also, if “gabacho” means “gringo” that’s not quite accurate for me. I know I talk like one. I’ll toss a few “Ah-so!” and “ching-chongs” at the end of my posts to make this more clear in the future.

      1. gabacho means foreigner. which, unless you are of latino or hispanic descent, if you are in the mission you are.

      2. also nice attempt at playing the turnabout racial card, but in the future a little more education will make you look a little less ignorant and racist yourself.

      3. sen-si-TIVE!

        Point is, I’m not complaining about the joint, so calling me a names is not necessary to begin with.

        But hey I can take it, for I have a “good attitude about race relations in the mission”.

        And I don’t live in the mission.

      4. @hep: Hey jackass, if you are “of latino or hispanic descent”, you are definitely a foreigner, since those people are descended from people who come from SPAIN, you idiot. Just like all the other fucking European-descended people. If you are an indio, then you are also a foreigner, most recently from Siberia. HUMAN BEINGS DID NOT EVOLVE IN THE AMERICAS, YOU FUCKING STUPID PIECE OF IGNORANT SHIT, NOW GET OVER IT.

      5. Unless you are lightning striking primordial soup, all of you carbon-based assholes are “Gabachos” as far as I’m concerned.

        We are sharing a place with a lot of cultural history which is great and I do agree that it should be respected. Does that mean you should walk up to every Latino/Hispanic you see and tell them, “Hey, I think it’s hella chill for you to let us live here”? No. But it DOES mean don’t be a dick to people because you think you’re more entitled to be living here due to your cultural background, cool kid status, or big bag ‘o’ money.

        Because nobody is more entitled to live here: we are all invaders fucking this place up with CO2 emissions. Just have some fun with your neighbors while you can.

  1. Medjool man Gus Murad’s got plans for both the dollar store and the theater. Condos for the former, snazzier dinner theater for the latter.

    1. That’s what I’m talking about…it’s about time we got rid of these eyesores. Let’s get some more Foreign Cinenamas into the neighborhood. Let’s get some more European tourists into the neighborhood who can actually speak Spanish and communicate with the shop owners in the Mission.

  2. well, giant value sells way more stuff than any one store should. i’ve bought all kinds of stuff there – none of it near the one dollar price point, like imitation but not bad at all oriental rugs, to toasters, to christmas lights, to cable connectors for when i was stealing cable..

    i’ve always thought of it as more of a walmart than a dollar store…

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