17 thoughts on “More Than A Cell Phone?”

  1. UGH, I saw this on 16th and Guerrero and even though I am not some iphone toting-permanently connected-cell phone carrier, it still just made me scoff. Stupid smug shit like this is how SF gets such a lame reputation. Something about the way it’s written you can just feel the creator sitting back and enjoying the smell of their own farts. There’s something to be said about reconciling the difference between the visual/tangible city around us and the increasingly intangible technology tapped world online with cellphones, but I think it’s lame when someone has to remind you of it. I was actually on a nice walk when I read it and it just made me lament the escapist idea that technology is some sort of alienating distance between us and interaction. I feel like it’s increasingly the opposite of that, connecting people and making casual friendships more multifaceted.

  2. I gotta agree with Devin. Sure there is a point to be had, but the whole tone of it smacks of superior than thou, pretentious, smug bullshit. Yuck.

  3. the whole thing fails because if I weren’t already noticing the world around me, I wouldn’t notice the stupid sign in the first place.

  4. I just thought it was too on the nose. But I like things that aren’t ads better than ads. Maybe someone should follow it with something more thought provoking?

    And in this person’s defense, I did almost exactly this kind of thing when I was about 7 years younger.

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