Snack Truck Falls Into Sinkhole, Police Expected To Arrive In Record Time

Holey Moley!  This just in from Mission Mission reader Peter:

I was sitting in the window at Sugarlump just before noon, when the front wheel of a pretzel truck fell into a small sinkhole on 24th St. (between Bryant and Florida). Oh, the humanity!

Thanks Peter!

Author: Vic Wong

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10 thoughts on “Snack Truck Falls Into Sinkhole, Police Expected To Arrive In Record Time”

    1. Looks like they repaved half of it recently. Ironically, that may have compromised the structural integrity of the old half which is where the sinkhole occurred. bummer!

  1. this happened to me once in my car in LA. I wound up using my skateboard to ramp my car out. I don’t know if it’d work for a snack truck though.

  2. The hole is really deep. There has been a lot of work on that street recently, well, a few months ago, and then they quickly paved it back over. Obviously they didn’t properly integrate the new portion with the old portion.

    So the fill they replaced it with has totally settled, and now there is at least a foot between the paving and the “bottom” of the hole.

    A couple more pics after they moved the truck out:

    The second pic gives you a good idea how deep the hole is. I wonder how much more of the street is about to cave in now?!

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