New Walgreens Reveals Future Color Scheme

Oh no. Oh no, no, no. You’re mucking this up terribly. Was that chilly white just a base coat? You were looking as beautiful as a Banana Republic. Must you really dress yourself as a Tex-Mex children’s hospital? Please reconsider.

From Sexpigeon, an update on the Walgreens-in-progress on Cesar Chavez/Mission.

I must say, I agree with the criticism so far.  However! I’m feeling positive toward 2k10 and all that it may bring.  Perhaps our new Walgreens will end up looking like a pimp pastel Mondrian?

Author: Kat Malinowska

My enthusiasm makes up for my misses.

18 thoughts on “New Walgreens Reveals Future Color Scheme”

  1. This is really unfortunate.

    Also…does Precita Eyes have a monopoly on murals in the Mission? I mean, I’m glad they’re around, doing their thing, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some other things as well. The mural on FoodsCo is incredibly refreshing, no? I just fear another vibrant-to-the-point-of-pushy mess-o’-faces made so cheerful and reverent that it rings wholly false.

      1. I agree with Tad. Though, I do like Precita’s Eyes murals, however, there’s so many other muralist out there. Anyways, hope its not the same old concepts mural that are all around the Mission.

  2. How many gdamn Walgreens do we need on Mission Street?

    Four, apparently!

    Thats 16th, 23rd, 30th and now Cesar Chavez!

  3. Oh lord. Please don’t allow it to look like an easter egg year round building. Isn’t there a concept for medium color scheme? Reminds me of Peet’s coffee cup design with multiple pastel colors. UGLY!

    I live next to this building and have my eyes ponder at these colors everyday, night, and years. Please go back to the drawing board!

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