Mission Burritos Down Undah

Came across this tweet randomly, made me smile.  Sweet victory!  It seems Australians have voted San Francisco as the ultimate authority on burritos.

20 million convicts and kangaroos can’t be wrong!  Suck it, Brock!

Author: Kat Malinowska

My enthusiasm makes up for my misses.

7 thoughts on “Mission Burritos Down Undah”

  1. Ha, I asked my friend (who grew up in Brisbane, but moved Melbourne and then to Portland a few years ago). Here’s what she said:

    plumpy: Do you know this place? http://twitter.com/richardmoross/status/7514975420
    AL: oh, no
    AL: the mexican food situation in australia is totally tragic though
    plumpy: Ha, I can imagine. It’s a long way from Mexico!
    AL: a bunch of places have sprung up since i left, i know.
    AL: i know it! brisbane had one chain-type mexican place while i still lived there
    AL: “montezuma’s”
    AL: all i can tell you is there were raisins in everything.

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