Australian Mission Burritos Revealed!

Since putting up the post about Aussie Mission burritos, we’ve been alerted to both the restaurant’s Facebook fan page and the above photos (from here and here, respectively).  The place is called Tuckeria Fresh Mexican, and you can find an in-progress website here.

Looks like they’re hiring, so if you’re looking to move to Brisbane and fancy yourself a burrito expert, by all means, do apply.

Author: Kat Malinowska

My enthusiasm makes up for my misses.

6 thoughts on “Australian Mission Burritos Revealed!”

  1. Having moved from SF to Melbourne a year ago, I’ve got to say – none of us know how good we have it in the Mission until you come to Australia! The Mexican food here is a joke!

    Too bad Brisbane is a 2 hour flight from Melbourne.

  2. Thanks everybody for their interest in Tuckeria and hello to all lovers of Mission-style Mexican from here in Brisbane, Australia. We have been open for two weeks now and the response from our customers has been amazing. For many customers eating at our restaurant was their first experience eating a Mission style burrito – what a joy. We can never reach the heights of Mission food actually eaten IN the Mission of course, but we do all we can to produce the delicious food and welcoming, lively atmosphere of the taquerias that I came to know and love while living in the Mission District. Stay tuned for our website launch next week.

    A couple of final points – Neo Displacer – we are not robbing anything by using the Mission District as inspiration for our restaurant. In fact we are doing all we can to faithfully reproduce what we consider the best Mexican food around. There is nothing that compares to a Mission burrito, and people in Australia desperately need good Mexican.
    Julie Hamwood – agree Bundaberg Ginger Beer is one of the best accompaniments to spicy Mexican! I used to get my supplies from the Australian store in Marin and drink them ice cold while devouring a spicy Super Burrito from Taqueria Cancun!
    Pedestrianist – come and visit us in Brisbane and we will give you the Shotwell street sign! :)

    Jordan W Birchall
    Tuckeria Fresh Mexican

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