BART Maintenance Badges

Over the past couple of months I’ve noticed and collected pictures of these delightful maintenance badges inside of BART cars. Each with their own personality:

Richmond: “Hey don’t let all that gang rape stuff that happens in Richmond put you off–don’t you want your BART car to enjoy a lovely bay view while its being serviced? Richmond Maintenance Facility: home of the best view of San Rafael in the bay area.”

Hayward: “Look, if you want some guy to bullshit with you about sports and the weather while he does sub-par work, go to Concord. If you want solid, no-nonsense maintenance done on your BART car, come to Hayward. We take quality seriously and have 15+ years of industry experience to prove it. Our 10-point inspection includes door re-greasing, upholstery steaming, and complete removal of graffiti cocks scrawled on the on windows.”

Concord: “Think we’re just a bunch of bummer straight-ahead mechanics from a failed city? Think again. We actually have kick-ass senses of humor as indicated by this badge’s allusion to classic WB cartoons. Free coffee, donuts, and ESPN while you wait. Say me and the boys are going out for a drink at the Time Out afterwards. Why don’t you join us? And… fuck it, here are the keys to my house.”

It seems like these are all at the terminal stations. That might mean I’m missing Daly City Maintenance Facility. First one who gets me a snap of it’s badge gets a high five.

Update: Heyo!

Author: Vic Wong

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