I came across this screengrab of a Yahoo! Answers question on and chuckled:

Reminds me of a  great conversation I had with some dude at the Eats Tapes show at the Kitsch Gallery on Saturday.  Said gent explained to me that though the music had slowed for a moment, the DJ would soon pick a specific theme to fixate on and slowly build it faster and louder, until it exploded into a party and we all went crazy dancing.  That’s how techno works.

Oh, and Allan was right.  Eats Tapes are awesome.

Author: Kat Malinowska

My enthusiasm makes up for my misses.

11 thoughts on “VERY POPULAR Techno Song”

    1. Bills Records and Tapes in Dallas is seriously worth mentioning. It puts Amoeba to shame. If you need music that’s super hard to find, Bill will find it and he probably has it somewhere on site.

      I went in one day looking for an out of print album (25 years out of print) and he handed me a tape in the original packaging within two minutes.

      Bill’s Rocks!

      1. I worked at the old location for six years or so, but haven’t seen the new one yet. By all accounts it’s much smaller.

  1. anyone else remember the old Strongbad email where he ended up writing a techno song with the phrase “the system is down” repeated over and over? I know, Homestarrunner is so 2003.

    if my work computer weren’t so crappy, I’d post a link! alas.

  2. bill’s records vast collection is in no order whatsoever.
    it’s up to you to find whatever is there, or ask someone, and maybe they’ll know.

    amoeba puts Bill’s to shame by using the alphabet for their filing, and musical genres, to divide their stock.

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