Mission Minis Shut Down

Daaaaaaang.  Per Eater SF, Mission Minis has been shut down by the health department!

The cupcakery at 22nd/Capp, which opened just a few weeks ago, apparently failed to obtain the necessary permits to stay alive and kicking.  Their Twitter, however (tsk-tsks Eater!), maintains that they’re simply building a new counter.

Both the Mission location and Marina kiosk are now closed.  Looks like you’ll have to go back to eating regular-sized cupcakes.  As if you mind, tubs!

[Photo from magicbeanbuyer]

Author: Kat Malinowska

My enthusiasm makes up for my misses.

6 thoughts on “Mission Minis Shut Down”

  1. well the sign in their window reads “cease and desist for failure to get proper food service permits. love, the health department” or something like that… a new counter is a great excuse though!

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