“Never ever does this city seem likely. Never at all.”

Behold this beauty from Sexpigeon!  M.C. Escher is shitting tessellated bricks right now.

Sexpigeon tells me this is the intersection at the bottom of the whole 1010/Potrero/Chavez/Bayshore mess.  Potrero del Sol is the park pictured.  Gasp.

Author: Kat Malinowska

My enthusiasm makes up for my misses.

15 thoughts on ““Never ever does this city seem likely. Never at all.””

  1. It is the flight of steps leading from the C. Chavez/101/Potrero fiasco up to Peralta Ave. However, the park pictured in the upper-left hand corner is Rolph Playground. If the picture was bigger, it would show Potrero Del Sol on the east (right) side of 101.

  2. How is it that a blogger about the Mission doesn’t know how to spell Potrero?

    PORTRERO always bugs the shit out of me.

      1. the timestamp thing is a wordpress bug. They don’t automatically adjust for Daylist Savings Time forcing you to manually remember to do it.

        What is this, Windows 3.1? Get your act together WordPress.

        In any case, thanks for the heads up. I *think* I fixed it. That is, until we “spring forward”

    1. I and many others know it affectionately as ‘the gauntlet’.

      A crossing area for cyclists heading to/from mission to bayview/22nd st caltrain/hp.

      also a great place to hide out from the rain.

      gotta love state property.

    2. “The gauntlet” — I like that. Certainly an appropriate name for those two lanes of 280 traffic you have to cross to get to the 101N CC exit. Good thing I have secret alternatives.

  3. those stairs are in bernal heights. didn’t think missionistas knew where — or what — bernal heights was. or is. or are.

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