Piñata Fight Club

Piñatas In Worship
Something happens in Duc Loi Supermarket at night. When we humans go home to watch old episodes of NewsRadio on Hulu; heat up leftovers for our hungry children; go out to bars to meet up with an old girlfriend we’re thinking of getting back together with; or wander the streets with a camera, looking for weird little things to take pictures of, the piñatas at Duc Loi experience something very different.

I happened to catch a glimpse of their secret world the other night, and I’ll tell you, I have no idea what they’re up to in there. Here are some guesses as to what this could be about:

Piñata Fight Club – The fight doesn’t stop when candy is spilled. It’s just another clean up on aisle three.

• Prayer Service – The Great One, a holy piñata in the form of a star with seven points appears in a blinding light and cleanses the spirits of the doomed beasts.

Rock Concert – Big Bird and the Bats rock the house. Big Bird heads up the three piece jam band on vocals, Laa-Laa coos in the background on bass and Monkey-With-A-Donkey-Head keeps the beat on drums.

For now, all I have are guesses. Next step: Infiltration.

Thank You for Being Nice to Me

Our pal Annie learned something last week on her way to 16th and Valencia. Here’s how it starts:

I was walking quickly on 16th Street, keenly aware of the six minutes that remained before I’d be late — and I hate being late — when I heard a man call out to a woman. “Excuse me! Miss?” he said. I kept walking. He kept calling. Then I turned and realized he was talking to me.

I am ashamed to admit that when a strange man approaches me in the city, my first instinct is to wonder if he wants money or to sexually harass me. Because of this response, I am always a little guarded. I looked at the man slowly.

Read on.