Save Dolores Park From Your Cubicle

Reader Fred M. alerts us that there’s a Facebook group for protesting the potential Dolores Park shut-down scheduled for September of 2011.

So just in case parks and recreation starts using Facebook for policy decisions, there’s your chance to be heard. Or maybe you’re just trying to get your groups count to an even 50. In any case:

Contact Park and Rec and ask them not to close the ENTIRE park for the duration of the renovations! Although we understand that there are improvements to be made at Dolores Park, shutting down the entire place for 17+ months just seems punitive. Let’s convince them that they can do it in sections and keep pieces of the park open for Mission residents.

Also, let the record show that KevMo and Uptown Almanac broke the DoPa renovations story which is going uncredited just about everywhere today, not that journalistic integrity is our forte.

Author: Vic Wong

I own a sword. I like to write. I am a software engineer for I am a gypsy jazz guitarist.

6 thoughts on “Save Dolores Park From Your Cubicle”

  1. As usual, the locals hit this first;

    From my recollection/perspective:

    Uptown Almanac ‘cracked’ this a few days ago;
    MissionMission quickly reposted the UA link (pole position wars!);
    MissionLocal made a few phone calls and wrote up a quick piece the next day;

    and the venerable Chronicle featured this as a lead story on their SFGate site by *posting a link to their MissionBlog page that was a direct post from MissionLocal*. AFAIK, that takes less web design time to complete than it just took me to type these sentences.

    Ok, for the spin:

    It’s easy to be depressed about the state of old media – instead, let us rejoice at what we are creating. The connections within the ant colony are on the rise…

    – Mike

  2. While it might be a bummer, the park needs some work, folks.
    – the bathrooms will be improved with more toilets, so shorter lines.
    – the courts will be repaved (and maybe an area designated for blacktop court for polo & doddeball & etc.)
    – the new playground design is friggin’ awesome (; and
    – the grass on the flat part can be re-sodded to allow for better bocce, soccer, or whatever else.

    Why is everyone in a tizzy? It’s been nearly 50 years since most SF parks have been built or renovated. It’s a good thing, folks.

    1. While ‘everyone’ may or may not be in a tizzy I do understand the need for renovation. But it’s a big park and I for one will have nowhere to visit on the anniversary of my daughter’s death and her birthdays, both of which have always been commemorated at Dolores Park. It was Kirsten’s favorite place, where the Really Really Free Market was held, and the only sweet spot in SF for me. I agree with whoever said why close the whole park.

  3. Hey everyone. Kevin Montgomery heard this grand news over breakfast at Boogaloos with the steering committee of Dolores Park Works. It’s a new all-volunteer organization that has been established to address such hot topics as the renovations, bathrooms, trash, etc in Dolores Park. We are working with Park and Recs on many issues and plan to gather feedback from the community on changes we’d like to see/not see in DP 2.0 (or 5.0 depending on how far you go back in time.) If you have thoughts on DP, then please let us know. We’ll be setting up a community meeting shortly with Park and Recs staff to discuss. Until then, join our org so you can stay on top of it.

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