Stolen Cruiser

Reader Jesse W. had his bike stolen. Anyone seen it? It’s a really unique Schwinn cruiser that seems pretty hard to miss:

Last night (Thursday, 2/4), my super-fly Schwinn cruiser was stolen, along with three other bikes, from my garage at 15th and Guerrero.  It’s super recognizable, especially if the dumb-ass punk(s) who stole it neglect to unstring the LED christmas lights from the frame.

If you have any leads post a comment or email us (missionmissionmission at gmail dot com) and we’ll make sure Jesse hears about it.

Before the inevitable, “WTF dude, are you gonna post every stolen bike on here? People get their bikes stolen every day! Try Craigslist and next time triple-lock your bike to the radiator in your bedroom.” No, we don’t post every stolen bike on here, but we do post the ones from readers in the Mission who ask us nicely and we have been able to help recover stolen things before. So if you can spare the 2 seconds out of your busy weekend schedule to glance at this bike, then cool. If not, then no big deal.

Author: Vic Wong

I own a sword. I like to write. I am a software engineer for I am a gypsy jazz guitarist.

6 thoughts on “Stolen Cruiser”

  1. I found my recently-stolen-from-the-mission bike over at the Laney College flea market in Oakland (Sunday mornings, starting around 9 am). They had a shit-ton of stolen bikes there — might be worth the trek.

    1. What did you do? Just say, “hey, that’s my bike… give it back?” Or did you call the Po’? Or did you just buy it back?

  2. hey, i’ve got a not-as-cool, but similar black schwinn cruiser in my backyard (that somehow hasn’t been stolen) looking for some love if you want a replacement. i’ve been meaning to fix it up, but would rather give it to someone who needs it!

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