Rec Park, Then and Now

Following up on Seals baseball history, the awesome LookBackMaps points us to this Bancroft Library image of Rec Park in 1923.  Here we enter the time machine to look north on Valencia from 15th.

Click image for a higher resolution shot over at Burrito Justice.

Reader NoCalAl says “As for Rec Park, I used to go to the gym across the street, and was met with skepticism whenever I mentioned Valencia Gardens used to be a ball park. The Hotel Royan at 15th and Valencia used to house ballplayers, unlike the current denizens.”

6 thoughts on “Rec Park, Then and Now”

  1. Another cool fact about the Hotel Royan: Oscar Zeta Acosta (aka the real Dr. Gonzo) wrote the novel “The Revolt of the Cockroach People” while he was staying there for a few months in the early 70’s.

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