Corduroy Corner

Hmm, what’s this?  The flag of some breakaway Soviet republic?  Fabricstan?

Nope — just a Levi’s ad…

…tacked up to the windows of Groger’s Western Store on Valencia & 26th.

Guess that explains the burnt orange bicycles and lavender sawhorse (which is now gone). For a minute I though Levi’s was opening up a store on Valencia. La Lengua would welcome you with open arms.

But you have to admit it’s rather appropriate for Groger’s.  Though I really don’t know which of those colors would go best with a brushpopper shirt.

4 thoughts on “Corduroy Corner”

  1. These are up in Hayes Valley as well. Not only was there a corduroy bike and a traffic barrier thingy, but there is also a corduroy covered mannequin at Propeller and the banners are hanging on the side of the old Hayes Valley Market.

  2. What is the deal with Grogers anyway? I have lived here 12 years and never seen a soul inside. Must be a front for something.

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